Why should you become a member of the Salem Woods Civic Association?

One, it raises property values and promotes neighborhood unity. Over the years, promoting unity has become a tougher job. As members and volunteers have dwindled over the years, SWCA has not been able to continue many of the committees that worked to better our neighborhood. 

Two, we are unique as a civic association in that we actually own property. Originally SWCA owned two pools, several tennis courts, and two buildings. Because we have voluntary membership, we were never able to maintain a large enough level of membership to support all that property. Much of that has been sold off over the years and we are now down to Revere Park and the office building. Without membership to support the cost of maintaining that property, SWCA will eventually run out of money and no longer be able to maintain our property. One answer would be to sell off that property as well and dissolve the association. However, the city is adamant that we keep green space in the community, and they are unwilling to take it over from us. So we must find a way to keep it maintained.However, we don't want to just maintain it, we want to create something that everyone here can use and love.

With this in mind, your support is instrumental to maintain our community and keep all of our property values high. Active membership allows us to maintain our common grounds and buildings, and you are able to vote on neighborhood issues, and receive two free ReaderBoard signs per year. You will help support your neighborhood by paying your annual dues of $25.00. Thank you for your support!


Salem Woods Civic Association

President: Pete Leavitt

Vice President: Kirk Traber

Secretary: Tammy Almeter

Membership: Vacant

Spirit/Events: Vacant

Neighborhood Watch: Vacant


The mission of the SWCA is threefold: 
   1.  To work towards creating and maintaining a quality of life that is, at minimum, reasonably expected, deserved and welcomed by our overall community.

   2.  To keep the community informed on those issues that impact us.

   3.  To be an advocate for the community's position on those issues with local and state government.

The Salem Woods Civic Association (SWCA) was formed in the early 1980's to serve the common needs of our community.  We are incorporated in the State of Virginia as a non profit community organization (501c7).  Officers and committee members are not compensated for their time, all of our efforts are expended on a volunteer basis.

2085 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Ste 106-252 Virginia Beach VA 23456