4549 Revere Drive Virginia Beach VA 23456 us

Thursday, August 14th, 7pm

Where: SWCA Office

**If you're interested in working with the board or have ideas you'd like to discuss, Please join the board Thursday evening for their monthly board meeting.

Salem Woods has so many beautiful yards this summer it was a difficult decision choosing our first Yard of the Month this year. Congratulations to our neighbors at 4469 Clemsford Drive! Not only does their yard and home look beautiful in the summer months, but all year long. 

Friday. July 25th, 7pm
Where: Revere Park
Bring your family and your picnic blanket and come out to enjoy a night of games, music, and ice cream!

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SWCA Board Meeting

 This new social networking site has become our best tool for Neighborhood Watch. There have actually been several arrests based on what people share on this site. It has also been featured on Wavy News: http://www.wavy.com/news/local/va-beach/police-neighbors-use-website-to-prevent-crime. It is also a great resource for babysitters, garage sales, events, and business recommendations. Best of all, you can choose what you see, and you can choose if your post is seen by just our neighborhood or also surrounding neighborhoods. Out of the 1,096 homes in our neighborhood, we are currently at 30% membership in Nextdoor. To be the most effective at fighting crime, our goal is 80% membership. To join, go to the website Nextdoor.com or download the app, and put in your address. It will automatically link you up with the Salem Woods site. If you are already a member, help us invite other residents. You can invite via email, or you can request free postcards be sent to specific households. You are allowed a certain amount of postcards per month, and you can personalize the text on the cards. Please help us keep Salem Woods safe and connected.



Many of our neighbors have shown an interest in keeping our neighborhood a place we can be proud to call home. In order for the Salem Woods Civic Association to continue working for our community, we need volunteers. We currently need a Treasurer and membership Chair for our board. We also need neighbors to help with the Yard of the Month committee, Events committee, and Park committee. Please contact the office today to let us know how you are able to help.